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The power of many

Our API combines multiple geocoding systems in the background. Each is optimized for different parts of the world and types of requests.

We aggregate the best results from open data sources and algorithms so you don't have to.

What else?

We add useful info to every result: timezones, geohashes, Ordnance Survey gridrefs, calling codes, what3words, sunrise/sunset, and more , well formatted address string with each result so you can easily show your users where they are in a way they understand (some background on our blog).


A generous free usage tier for testing and hobbyist. After that simple and transparent subscriptions with soft limits. Cancel any time you like for any reason. See our Pricing page for the details.

About us

We are long time supporters of OpenStreetMap and open data initiatives. We run #geomob, the meetup of London location based service developers where we do our best to highlight geoinnovation in all forms.

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This image shows the node density of OpenStreetMap data in summer 2014.
It's one of many data sources we use.

Data © OpenStreetMap contributors , Imagery © Martin Raifer, cc-by
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OpenStreetMap node coverage