PHP Geocoding Tutorial

PHP Wrapper

You can also access the OpenCage geocoder via William Durand's Geocoder-PHP library. Here is a code sample showing how to query our API using Geocoder.
The PHP wrapper attempts to use the CURL extension to access the API. If CURL support is not available, the library falls back to using fopen wrappers.

Works with PHP version 5.6, 7 and hhvm. To use the wrapper you must either have the CURL extension compiled into your version of PHP or configure the use of fopen wrappers via the allow_url_fopen directive in your php.ini.

The recommended - and easiest way - to install is via Composer. Require the library in your project's composer.json file.

composer require opencage/geocode

Import the Geocoder class.

require "vendor/autoload.php";

Geocode an address

$geocoder = new \OpenCage\Geocoder\Geocoder('YOUR-API-KEY');
$result = $geocoder->geocode('82 Clerkenwell Road, London');