Tutorials, Code Libraries, and Plugins


  • Command line

    using cURL or WGET
  • Google Docs

    Geocode inside a Google sheet
  • Leaflet

    add search box to a map
  • Node.js

  • Perl

  • PHP

  • Python

  • Ruby

Libraries / SDKs

Written and supported by OpenCage

If you've written a library to use our API please let us know, we will feature it here.

Third-party integrations

  • GraphHopper

    GraphHopper is an open source routing engine. You can configure OpenCage as an external geocoding provider.
  • OpenGTS and GTS Enterprise

    OpenGTS is an open source web-based service for GPS tracking a fleet of vehicles. GTS Enterprise is the pro version. In both versions users can integrate OpenCage as their reverse geocodering engine.
  • thethings.iO

    thethings.iO is an internet of things platform for monitoring devices of all types. Users of the service can easily integrate OpenCage as their reverse geocoding provider. Here is a detailed blog post about how to integrate OpenCage. Ask thethings.iO for a discount code for a 10% lifetime discount on any of our paid packages.
  • Traccar

    Traccar is a free and open source GPS tracking platform. Traccar users can integrate the OpenCage geocoder as their reverse geocoder. We are pleased to offer a 10% lifetime discount to all Traccar customers on any of our paid packages. Details here.
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This image shows the node density of OpenStreetMap data in summer 2015.
It's one of many data sources we use.

Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, Imagery © Martin Raifer, cc-by
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