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simple and easy geocoding for the entire world

The power of many

Our API combines multiple geocoding systems in the background. Each is optimized for different parts of the world and types of requests.

We aggregate the best results from open data sources and algorithms so you don't have to.

3,2,1 ... lat and long

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Free during our beta period. We plan to always have a free plan for developers. See our FAQ.

About us

OpenCage Data is a division of Lokku. Founded in 2006 and based in London, we are long time supporters of OpenStreetMap and open data initiatives. We also run #geomob, a meetup of London location based service developers where we do our best to highlight geoinnovation.

We’re best known for Nestoria, our property search engine. We work closely with 80+ major media companies around the world, managing lots of data (geo and otherwise).